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What is a SEMP used for?

The SEMP will be used to:

  • Using a variety of methods, obtain a sound technical understanding of the physical coastal processed at Lucinda, Taylors Beach and Forrest Beach, involving the community and engaging the agencies responsible for the decisions and approvals of development applications require to do any future works;

  • Enable Local Government to proactively plan for erosion management;

  • Investigate and address the underlying causes of shoreline erosion and identify the likely future progression at the local scale; and

  • Determine cost-effective and sustainable erosion management strategies that maintain natural coastal processes and protect essential infrastructure. 

What has been done to date?

Our consultants, Water Technology, are currently undertaking an assessment of the coastal processes in developed areas exposed to coastal erosion. Results of this assessment will be presented at the 'Have Your Say' community meetings detailed in the 'What's On' section of this page. 

How is the SEMP different to the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) already complete?

The CHAS is a strategic planning document for the Hinchinbrook local government area. This document looked at the hazards such as coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and sea level rise and their potential impacts on the community, infrastructure and the environment.

The CHAS provides a broad understanding of the vulnerabilities and risks associated with a changing climate. 

The CHAS also identified adaptation pathways to mitigate coastal hazards in the short, medium and long term (2100+).

The SEMP provides a more detailed plan with specific actions and recommendations for dealing with the short-term coastal erosion issues that are affecting the settlements of Lucinda, Taylors Beach and Forrest Beach now, and how these might affect outcomes into the future. 

The SEMP will provide a management strategy to deal with shoreline erosion issues over the next 10 to 20 years, including how solutions may be funded and implemented by Council.

Tasman Turtle's Picnic Day

Tasman Turtle's Picnic Day

Tasman Turtle’s Picnic Day is a free family event that focuses on being environmentally friendly.

Date: Saturday 28 May 2022

Time: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Where: TYTO Parklands

Cost: Free

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