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Community Surveys

Potential Management Actions

The below survey contains a draft list of potential management actions for the Shoreline Erosion Mangement Plan (SEMP) across Forrest Beach, Taylors Beach, Lucinda and Dungeness.

These actions have been explained in detail at our November 2022 Workshops. Alternatively, they can be found in the Knowledge Hub, under Factsheets and Other Documents.  

The survey allows you to scroll through the list and provide your feedback for any or all actions. You are able to provide feedback just on actions that you are interested in by scrolling directly to them. 

At the end of the survey, there is a question which allows you to provide suggestions for the SEMP, or any general comments you have about the project. 

Please note this survey closes Sunday 27 November 2022. 

Survey - Potential Management Actions

Have Your Say on the Future Management Options of Council's Coastal Reserves

As a result of the recently completed community meetings (Lucinda - September 2021, Taylors Beach and Forrest Beach - April 2022), the public was invited to have their say on the future management options of their chosen coastal location via a community survey.

The survey was conducted over a three-week period, closing on Thursday 30 June 2022 with a total of 63 responses received across the three localities. 

The following information is a summary of the results received from the community surveys for Lucinda, Taylors Beach and Forrest Beach.

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