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Approved Inspection Program

The Approved Inspection Program for dog registrations will allow authorised Council Officers to go door to door and speak to occupants about the keeping of dogs on their property. The Council Officer will only be working during daylight hours, and will always approach the front door of your property. Please ensure that your dogs are restrained to allow the Council Officer to reach your front door. A scan of the dog/s on the property will be conducted to determine if they are microchipped and registered. If other issues are noted by the Council Officer whilst on the property those may also be addressed at this time.

What is the Approved Inspection Program?

The Approved Inspection Program is a program to ensure all dogs on a property are properly identified, registered to an owner and the requirements to keep dogs are satisfactory. The Program has to be approved by Council, giving it the ‘approved’ status. The Program is conducted under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, and Subordinate Local Laws No. 2 (Keeping and Control of Animals) 2002.

Can I construct my own dog enclosure?

Yes, you can construct your own dog enclosure provided you can meet the conditions of the minimum standards for the keeping of dogs. Any new or significant structures must have the Council approval. Alternatively you can engage the services of a licensed contractor to do the work for you.

Who will maintain my dog registration and renewals?

The registered owner of the dog/s is responsible for renewing the registration and paying the annual fee.

What are the minimum standards for the keeping of dogs?

Please refer to Council’s Minimum Standards Required for Keeping of Dogs Fact Sheet.

Do I require approval to keep more than two dogs?

Yes. An approval to keep more than two dogs is required with a non-refundable application fee payable on application. If you live in a shared accommodation or rental, you may need approval from the owner of the property or body corporate.

What happens after I lodge my application?

Your application will be reviewed and a Local Laws Officer will visit your property. These checks and inspections are necessary to ensure the minimum standards of keeping animals is achieved. Advice will be given to rectify any unforeseen issues. Additionally, Council will check the registration and identification of your other dogs during this visit. A decision will then be made.

Will Council advise me of the outcome of my application?

Yes. The applicant will be advised within 21 days of the application lodgment. 

Information regarding the Approved Inspection Program can be downloaded below. 

Approved Inspection Program Fact sheet

Please refer to the Minimum Standards Required for Keeping of Dogs Fact Sheet, linked below, for further information. 

Minimum Standards Required for Keeping of Dogs Fact Sheet



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