Services Provided by Water and Sewerage Services Provided by Water and Sewerage

Council's Water and Sewerage Department is available between the hours of 7am and 5pm, weekdays.


  • Provide a continuous supply of water to consumers of the Shire with minimal interruption for repairs/breakdowns.
  • Ensure that the Water supplied complies with NHMRC guidelines
  • Continue to monitor the quality of water in the distribution system and identify and rectify any causes of poor water quality.
  • Continue to provide and improve the existing level of operation of the system.
  • Continue to provide existing level of maintenance on the distribution system to minimise consumer complaints.
  • Maintain Fire Hydrants for Fire and Rescue Authority.


  • Operate and maintain an economical system for safe disposal of domestic and trade waste.
  • Provide a continuous service to customers of the Shire with minimal interruptions for repair/breakdown.
  • Continue to monitor all stages of treatment to maximise plant efficiency.
  • Continue to monitor the standard of effluent of both Treatment Plants and the Community Wetlands.
  • Continue to liaise with CSR Victoria Mill to maximise the benefits of reuse of Wetland Effluent.
  • Continue to implement programs to ensure effluent reuse.
  • Report to the EPA
  • Provide and maintain a system of reticulation sewer in all declared area.
  • Continue programs of inspections and elevation of sewers by use of Councils CCTV
  • Upgrade and reline sewers thus lowering infiltration and blockages.
  • Operate and maintain all sewerage pumping equipment and structures.
  • Continue program of regular maintenance of pump station facilities.