Domestic Waste collection - Your Wheelie Bin Service Domestic Waste collection - Your Wheelie Bin Service

Each domestic residence in Hinchinbrook Shire has been provided with one 240 litre waste and one 240 litre recycling Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB).

Residential waste in the Hinchinbrook Shire is collected once a week and recyclables once a fortnight. Bins must be placed on the kerbside before 6.00am on collection day and must be correctly positioned with the Hinchinbrook Shire Council logo facing the street, or the bins wheels facing your property. Always check that your bin is not obstructed by vehicles and overhanging trees, and place the bins at least a 1/2 metre apart.

To prevent your wheelie bin being missed, damaged or tipped over on collection day, ensure that:

  • the wheelie bin is positioned on flat ground next to the roadside or kerbside;
  • the wheelie bin is facing forward into the street;
  • bins are at least 1/2 metre apart;
  • the bin is not overfull; and
  • the bin only contains items which are suitable for disposal - please refer to the "What can be Disposed / Recycled" section below.

Your garbage bin will be collected once a week. Your recyclables will be collected on the same day as your garbage pick-up, on a fortnightly basis.

New residents may contact the Council's Environmental Health Services department on 4776 4607 to request new wheelie bin services. For commercial services and bulk bin services, please contact a waste provider.

Mt Fox residents are provided with a bulk bin service at Bull Hill on Mt Fox Road which is serviced every Friday.

If for some reason you are unsure of what day your street is serviced, you can contact Council’s Waste Contractor, MAMS Plant Hire, on 4776 5055 during office hours, or visit their website

All waste collected from kerbside collection in the Hinchinbrook Shire is disposed of at the Warrens Hill Waste Management Facility.

Collected recyclables are transported by MAMS to Visy's Material Recycling Facility in Townsville.

Lost / Stolen Wheelie Bins

While wheelie bins are provided to residents for their use, they remain at all times the property of Mams Plant Hire Pty Ltd and of the Council.  In the case of lost or stolen wheelie bins Council will organise to replace one set of general and recycling bins free of charge for the first instance only.

Please keep the bins safe and in good condition, e.g. by promptly removing them from the roadside once serviced and storing them in a safe location.  Should the replacement bins go missing Council may need to recuperate the cost of additional new bins and their delivery from the property owner.

Wheelie bin services during holidays, natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances

The kerb side refuse service runs 365 days a year regardless of public holidays.  If the service is delayed, Council will advise residents via the media of alternative servicing arrangements.  Generally if your bin has not been serviced by the due date please leave the bin on the kerb as the wheelie bin should be serviced on the following day.  In case of a flood please do not put your wheelie bins out, but secure them in your yard by tying them down as they will easily float away.

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