Types of Development Applicatons Types of Development Applicatons

Material Change of Use

A 'Material Change of Use' application is required when there is:

  • the start of a new use of the premises
  • the re-establishment on the premises of a use that has been abandoned
  • a material change in the intensity of scale of the use of the premises.
  • the start or recommencement of a environmentally relevatn activity (ERA)

Please refer to the Assessment Tables in the planning scheme to determine the type of land use and the level of assessment.


Refer to the Material Change of Use IDAS Forms



Reconfiguring a Lot

A 'Reconfiguring a Lot' development application is required when:

  • creating lots by subdividing another lot
  • amalgamating two or more lots
  • rearranging the boundaries of a lot by registering a plan of subdivision
  • dividing land into parts by agreement (other than a lease for a term, including renewal options, not exceeding 10 years) rendering different parts of a lot immediately available for separate disposition or separate occupation, or creating an easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road
  • applying for an access easement.

Please refer to Schedule 5 of the planning scheme to ascertain Council minimum lot sizes and road frontages


Refer to the Reconfiguring a Lot IDAS Forms



Operational Works

An 'Operational Works' development application is required when:

  • excavating or filling of land (i.e. earthworks including change of ground level for retaining walls, construction of a dam, profiling land)
  • civil works for new subdivisions (i.e. connection to Council and external infrastructure) and other works associated with a material change of use of premises or reconfiguring a lot. 
  • undertaking road works on Council roads
  • clearing vegetation in accordance with state legislation
  • landscaping works


refer to the Operational Works IDAS Forms



Building Works Assessable Against a Planning Scheme (BWAP)

Building Works Assessable against a Planning Scheme [BWAP] applicatios do not involve a Material Change of Use , but involve a building project which does not meet the standards required by the Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme 2005, and needs to be assessed.


refer to the BWAP application kit