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Registration Renewal Notices are sent in mid to late May each year to all animal owners. They contain all details of the cat or dog that are held on Council's Animal Register. Renewal of registration may be paid as advised on the notice.

Animal Registration tags are supplied to the owner at the time of making application for registration. These tags show the identification number of the animal. If it is not legible Council Officers are unable to trace the animal back to its owner in the event of it being located away from where it is kept.
Consequently, owners are advised to check that their animal has a tag securely attached and is legible. Replacement tags are available from Council.
Owners who need to register their animals or change their current details can obtain an Application for Registration / Renewal of Registration / Change of Details of Registration of Cat or Dog Form from the Council Offices or download it from the Council website below. New applications and changing of details can only be accepted at the Council office.
Residents are reminded that Council offers substantial discounts for applications processed on or before 30th June for the forthcoming Financial Year. Further discount is offered if the animal is desexed (certification is required). It should also be noted that a lesser fee applies for animals kept outside of the scheduled township area.
From 1st July 2010 new registration, desexing and microchip requirements will apply - please refer to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning website for more details

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