Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme

 The repealed Intergrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA) and current Sustainable Planning Act 2009  (SPA) require that each local government authority prepare a planning scheme.  These schemes establish the policy for managing the use and development of land with the Local Governement Area (LGA).  Development within the Hinchinbrook LGA is governed by the Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme (IPA), which took effect on the 16th December 2005.  The current version contains Amendment 1 of 2012 (Priority Infrastructure Plan & Consequential Planning Scheme Changes).

Planning Scheme Documents available for Download:

Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme (2005): Non certified copy with maps (20MB)

Priority Infrastructure Plan (link)

Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/2013

Adopted infrastrucutre charges resolution

Legal Notice Legal Notice

Please note that the web based documents are not legally certified copies.  The Scheme can also be purchased in the following formats:-


2016-2017 Fees & Charges  
 Certified hard copy of the Scheme, Policies and A3 colour maps $229.30
 Certified hard copy of the Scheme, Policies and A4 colour maps $182.50
 CD containing non-certified Scheme, Policies and maps $33.70