Making a Complaint Making a Complaint

Council can not, and will not, action anonymous complaints.

Residents are advised that before Council can conduct any form of investigation or to take any form of enforcement action for a breach of it’s Animal Control Local Laws it must be in receipt of a complaint. This complaint may be verbal or written.  Formal written complaints are requested from residents wishing to make a complaint regarding any person or another animal being attacked or worried by a dog.  Under the Nuisance Regulations legislation prevents Council Officers to act on a complaint if it is made anonymously. In the main, this stops people making frivolous or vexatious complaints about others.

If residents wish to make a complaint Council will ask for their name, address and contact phone number, as well as the nature of the complaint. Once this information is known it will then take the appropriate action.

During the subsequent investigation of any complaints Council Officers do not divulge where their information originated and keeps the identity of the complainant confidential.

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Making a complaint