Business Development Survey Business Development Survey

The Business Development Survey is designed to inform Council about current business activities within the region and will be used to assess how we are able to support and contribute to the growth and development of the Hinchinbrook Shire.

Business owners and managers are encouraged to complete the survey as this will result in an accurate assessment of the current business environment and inform future decision making. 

Please click here to complete the survey. 

Hard copy surveys are also available at Council’s main office, 25 Lannercost Street, Ingham and Libraries around the Shire.  

The Business Development Survey will close on Monday 19 June 2017

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AgSafe are conducting their ChemClear collection throughout Queensland in 2017. To arrange to dispose of your unwanted chemicals you can register with ChemClear online at or phone them on 1800 008 182.  Registrations close on 28 April 2017. 

Eligible chemicals are free.  Eligibility requirements for free collection are:

- Readable product labels

- Not mixed with any other product

- Within two years of the expiry date or deregistration.

Collection of other chemicals can be quoted on registration.


Council wishes to advise that Cleanaway is providing grease trap servicing in your area. 

To book a grease trap service ring Cleanaway on 47747333 or 1 800 158 942.   

This information is provided as a community service, Council recommends you do your own research and compare pricing before engaging a contractor.

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Through the Hinchinbrook Shared Footpath Connectivity Project, Hinchinbrook Shire Council has been able to provide better access and connectivity for residents to key areas within the township of Ingham.

Key areas such as the Ingham Blue Haven Aged Care Facility, Apex Senior Citizens Village, Gilroy Santa Maria College, Ingham Hospital, Hinchinbrook Aquatic Centre and Ingham State School have been identified as locations within the town that would value from improved accessibility for residents.

The shared pathways which can accommodate mobility scooter users, parents with prams, pedestrians and commuting cyclists have proved to be valuable infrastructure to the community.

Hinchinbrook Shire Councillor Mayor Ramon Jayo has said, ‘The locations of the pathways have been specifically identified as areas which needed better accessibility for residents. The implementation of these footpaths will create better accessibility for a range of users, including residents who use mobility scooters, and families such as parents with prams.’

Council has looked at existing footpaths within Ingham with the view of  aiming to achieving a more cohesive footpath network and creating loops that can be utilised by residents for commuting or fitness activities.

Ingham State Primary School Principal, Marianne Mac Donald has said ‘The new pathways outside of the school have proven to be a valuable asset to the school community. The pathways have eliminated the issue of students needing to walk on the road or through muddy grass to access the school. It seems also to have increased the number of students who are now travelling to school on their bikes.”

Through the formal tendering process local contractor OTL Concreting was awarded the contract for the Hinchinbrook Shared Footpath Connectivity Project, tendered at $828,548.32.

Cr Jayo said ‘Council awarded the contract to the tender which proved best ‘value for money’, we were pleased that it was a local contractor, as this helps keep money in our district and generate more employment opportunities for our local workers and their families.’