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Anyone is allowed to formally support or oppose a proposed development or a proposed amendment to a planning scheme through a submission.  If youhave good reason to believe the proposed development or planning scheme amendment should be modified or not take place at all, you can make a submission and it will be considered by Council.

Planning Scheme Amendments

Council may seek to amend the Planning Scheme to reflect changes in strategic planning (including adequete relection of new state planning policies), correct administrative errors or amend planning codes.  Typically changes require approval from the Queensland Government and must undergo a public notification period of at least 30 business days.

Current Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments

Development Applications

When a project involves development, whether a small house or a supermarket complex, generally the developer must lodge an application with Council.  Council assesses this formal request for approval through a process prescibed in legislation by the State Government's Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA).  Every applicant is treated equally and the interests of the whole community are balanced against the rights of developers and other individuals (for example, neighbours)

Some projects are straight forward and fit neatly with the 'rules' (codes) of the Planning Scheme.  Council calls these 'code assessable' and they can be approved relatively quickly.  Others are more complex and are classified as 'impact assessable'.  This means they will need to be examined in more detail by Council with input from the community before Council can make a decision to approve or reject the application.  In the case of particulary complicated or contentious projects Council may decide to call in external specialists to assist with assessment.  Impact assessable development applications must undergo a public notification period (between 15-30 business days)

How to write a submission (PDF)

Submission Template (PDF)

Current Impact Assessable Development Applications