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Do Hairdressers Need a Licence?

There is no longer any requirement to hold a licence to use premises as a hairdresser's shop for shaving, cutting, trimming, dressing, waving, curling, staining or dyeing hair or performing scalp or facial massage, manicure or pedicures or otherwise dealing with the head, scalp, face or to operate a mobile Hairdressing service.
Definition of Terms
"hairdresser" - means every person who shaves, cuts, trims, dresses, waves, curls, stains or dyes or who in any other way treats the hair of any person for a fee or reward, and also any person who for fee or reward performs scalp or facial massage, manicure, pedicure, or in any other way whatsoever treats or otherwise deals with head, scalp, face, hands, skin, fingernails, toenails, or feet or manipulates any form of electrical treatment, but does not include a medical practitioner, physiotherapist or podiatrist whilst engaged in the conduct of his or her profession.
"mobile hairdressing service" - means the practice whereby a hairdresser conducts any of the operations of a hairdresser other than at a hairdresser’s shop.
"hairdresser’s shop" - means the premises wherein or whereon any of the operations of a hairdresser is conducted, but does not include the premises where the operations of a hairdresser are conducted pursuant to a mobile hairdressing service licence.
"licensed premises" - means a hairdresser’s shop or other premises, in respect of which a hairdresser’s shop licence or mobile hairdressing service licence is issued pursuant to this part, wherein, whereon or where from a hairdresser conducts the operations of a hairdresser.
Tattoo & Piercing Parlours
Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services such as tattooists and other skin penetration businesses are required to hold a licence under the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003.  If you require a licence under this legislation the following guidelines apply.
They outline the processes that an operator needs to go through and the required skills and knowledge that will also apply.  Guidelines are also available specifically for the construction or alteration of premises for Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services.
What are the pre-requisites to obtaining this Licence?
·         Clients must ensure that the location is zoned appropriately.
·         You must obtain formal qualifications to ensure you conduct your activities in a hygienic manner. The guidelines mentioned above contain relevant information about this.
How Do I Apply?
Use the forms at the bottom of the Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services web page to apply for a licence for High Risk Personal Appearance Services or to renew your existing licence.
How long does this authority remain in effect?
Your licence is an annual licence that expires each year. Council will send out reminders at the beginning of each financial year so you can renew your licence.
Can it be transferred?
Yes this authority has the ability to be transferred.  They can also be amended if you change any of your details such as postal address, contact details etc.  The forms at the bottom of the Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services web page can be used to do this.
What if my Licence is Lost or Stolen?
You can replace your licence. You just need to advise Council in writing of the circumstances and pay the relevant fee.
How do I Cancel my Licence?
If you need to cease operating before your license expires you must return it to Council along with the application to cancel your licence. This form can be downloaded from Council’s website on our Hairdressing, Tattoo & Piercing Licences web page: .
Need More Information?
To log a request or for further information about this please contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .