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Current Exhibitions Current Exhibitions

7 February to 29 March
Ah Xian

Ah Xian is a senior Chinese-Australian artist who is best known for his contemporary use of traditional Chinese cultural motifs, techniques and materials including porcelain, bronze, jade, lacquer and cloisonné.

The human body is of central importance within his work, which often combines traditional Chinese objects and iconography with contemporary realism to explore the experience of living between two cultures.

Metaphysica is the title of Ah Xian's series of bronze busts. Cast from life in a lengthy process, each figure is subtly different in patina and expression. Also distinguishing them are the objects resting on top of the bust's heads, which range from Buddhist motifs and deities to animals associated with Chinese mythology.

The figures and objects reflect the variety and creativity of people's religious, political and ethical beliefs, and the desire to 'gain a definitive idea about the meaning of ourselves as beings'.

Exhibition opening from 6.00pm Friday 6 February, entry is free and all are welcome.

The Queensland Art Galley | Gallery of Modern Art provides a program of touring exhibitions and related services to regional Queensland.


Ah Xian:
Metaphysica: Red Fish 2007
Bronze, brass and oil paint
Purchased 2009 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery


Upcoming Exhibitions Upcoming Exhibitions


5 April to 3 May
A Camera on Gallipoli

In 1915 soldier and surgeon Sir Charles Ryan captured the Australians' experience on Gallipoli via a series of candid photographs. Ryan's sensitivity, his empathy with those on both sides, and his eye for the remarkable - and the remarkable in the everyday - are apparent in his photographic work.

These images take us behind the stirring accounts of battle being reported at home to reveal the dry, forbidding landscape, tired troops in the trenches, squalid dug-outs, and the horrendous task of burying the dead. Here, in Ryan's display of mateship, stoicism and dogged endurance, is the spirit of ANZAC

Exhibition opens from 2.00pm Thursday 2 April, entry is free and all are welcome.

An ANZAC Day commemorative morning tea will also be held from 10.00am Friday 24 April, entry is free and all are welcome

Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. c May 1915.
Two soldiers of the Supply Depot, 1st Australian Division, standing on the beach amongst stacked boxes of corned beef and canned meat.

7 May to 28 May

The ZEPHYR exhibition showcases the diverse area where we live and the unique inspirational qualities of the artists who live here. By capturing natural light and atmosphere in the landscape along with ephemera and other found objects, they translate this region's illusive qualities into artworks in a variety of mediums. ZEPHYR is Ingham Art Society Members 2015 annual exhibition.

Exhibition opening from 6.00pm Thursday 7 May, entry is free and all are welcome.

David Rowe:
Tall Trees

7 May to 28 June
The Matchbox Show

An innovative collective project which showcases artists across genres, The Matchbox Show began in Gulgong, Australia in 2010 with invitations to delegates attending the 'Clay Energy' conference to create a ceramic artwork that fit inside a matchbox.

The response and enthusiasm was overwhelming, yielding 150 matchboxes to begin the collection. The aim of the show is to grow it into a substantial international traveling exhibition of 5000 matchbox artworks, contributed by 5000 visual and ceramic artists.

Katarina Mordech:


Gift Shop Gift Shop

A space for local artists to display and sell pieces featuring items such as paintings, postcards, diaries, lamps and much more.

If you are a local resident and interested in entering your work please enquire at the gallery (all sales are subject to 20% commission).

Previous Exhibitions Previous Exhibitions



21 November to 1 February 2015
Frederick L. Jeffery

The multi award winning artist presents a retrospective collection of his portraiture, landscapes and comic artworks from WWII, revealing a comprehensive insight into the evolution of the artist over an 80 year period.

21 November to 1 February 2015
Albert Smith
A Passion For Portraits

Albert seeks to illustrate that portraiture can cover a vast variety of subjects via his exhibition. A self-taught artist who has won numerous competitions utilising acrylics, gouache, pastels and watercolour.

Frederick L. Jeffery:
Two Birds

31 October to 16 November

The Gilroy Santa-Maria College seniors exhibition Endorphin showcased a diverse array of artworks created using a multitude of styles; the students had the flexibility to select their preferred medium which ensures they are able to craft a collection of artworks unique to their personality. The ensuing exhibition was a journey through the student's growth during their final year at college, exploring their distinctive interpretation of their future and the world around them.

Kirsten Castles:
All You Never Hear (detail)

10 October to 26 October
Long, Long Ago

Children express spontaneous, honest thoughts and opinions. Long, Long Ago afforded the children from Ingham Community Kindy, Ingham Early Learning Centre, Our Lady Of Lourdes and Ingham State School the opportunity to put their hearts on display, conveying to the community their raw ideas and perceptions of the world we live in. An abundance of artwork, a cornucopia of craftwork and pottery and an inundation of imagination was on display.

Artwork featured in Long, Long Ago

12 September to 4 October
Ingham State High School
Reality And Beyond

Highlighting artworks created over the 2014 school year by the senior art students from Ingham State High School, each student offers their individual interpretation of the themes Growth and Abstraction. Whilst the links may be tenuous or obvious, each artwork promotes their introspection and personal growth, encouraging development as both an artist and a burgeoning member of society.

Artwork by Kaedee Gray featured in Reality And Beyond

9 August to 6 September
36th Hinchinbrook Art Awards

The annual Hinchinbrook Art Awards attracts a diverse mix of submissions from artists throughout Queensland; over 150 artworks will grace the John Coburn Gallery in 2014 offering a selection of 2D works as well as a wonderful assortment of sculptural and ceramic pieces. With key sections for painting, drawing, abstract, photography, sculpture, ceramics; the ensuing exhibition has something everybody can appreciate and is one of the regions most renowned displays.

Louise Plint:
Winner Section 1
36th Hinchinbrook Art Awards

5 July to 2 August
Pam Finlay
Glory - The Full Manifestation

A garden is a celebration of nature's beauty. With Glory – The Full Manifestation, Bowen artist Pam Finlay aims to revisit the garden and its flora, captured from a microscopic perspective. By portraying fragments of the flower she chooses to capture a glimpse of the complete figure and consequently encourages the viewer to contemplate. The works also interpret the majesty of a flower and its unfading beauty, its resilience and tenacity, how it forms and metamorphoses. The flower is the glory of a plant, the full manifestation.


Pam Finlay:


6 June to 28 June
Ingham Art Society
Members Show and Sell

Exhibiting an eclectic cross-section of artworks and their practices from the local Hinchinbrook arts scene, the Ingham Art Society presented their annual collective. Through the exhibition Society members presented live demonstrations of their creative process offering visitors inside perspective of the varying arts composition. All works featured in this exhibition were for sale, directly supporting these artists.

Mary Clegg:
Spirit of the Morning

2 May to 31 May
David Rowe
Paintings and Drawings

David Rowe: Paintings and Drawings captivated viewers with a surrealistic spin on Ingham and its surrounds. Displaying works created in 2013 and exhibited throughout Queensland, David is a multi award winner with a long-spanning career. This exhibition presented four distinct ‘rooms' over the display's duration, each reflecting and investigating individual themes.


David Rowe:
The Beginning of an Ocean


13 March to 26 April
Pat Lowth
Coloured Inspirations

Award-winning Townsville artist Pat Lowth creates artworks fuelled by passion and spirituality, expertly utilising a multitude of mediums, textures and styles in his work. He explores themes such as nature, religion and human fortitude, presenting his thought-provoking interpretations of a variety of historical and contemporary events. Coloured Inspirations is an exhibition encompassing years of creative workings and artistic practice.

13 March to 26 April
Quinn Lawson
Landscape Photography

Presents a stunning selection of landscape photography by award-winning emerging local photographer Quinn Lawson, showcasing a variety of remarkable North Queensland locales.


Pat Lowth:
Twisted Colour


10 January to 8 March
Quilts and Crafts Through the Years by Ingham Crafters

Spanning the walls of the TYTO Regional Art Gallery, adorning plinths interspersed through the space, we are host to a myriad of patchwork, craft and embroidery by a collection of talented local artists. Although the Ingham Crafters united as a group two decades ago, many of the members have been practicing their chosen art form their entire lives. Quilts and Crafts Through the Years by Ingham Crafters presents works shaped by heritage; some of the linen used dates back to the 1920s, brought aboard ships migrating to Australia. 


Artwork featured in the exhibition Quilts and Crafts Through the Years by Ingham Crafters


14 November to 20 December
An Emerging North

Encompassing the work of several emerging North Queensland photomedia artists, showcasing fine art and commercial practice with an empathy for the experimental. 

Mitch A. Lynn:

24 October to 9 November
Gilroy Santa-Maria College Seniors Exhibition
Trip V

Compiles works created by the year 12 Gilroy Santa-Maria College art students over the 2013 school year, exploring their interpretations of the diverse concepts of humanity.


Taylah Jardine:


10 October to 19 October
In My Night Garden

Exhibition displaying the colourful and creative artworks made by students of the Ingham Community Kindy, Lower Herbert Community Kindy, Our Lady of Lourdes and Ingham State School over the 2013 school year, sharing their vivid imaginations for all visitors. 

10 October to 19 October
B. Saxton-Horsley
Bloom'n Lovely

After dazzling visitors with the intricately detailed and refined work displayed in the Heritage Matters – Chronicles of Queensland exhibition B. Saxton-Horsley will be hosting a niche gallery exhibition focused on presenting the beauty of flora. Saxton-Horsley's flora works are as renowned as her architectural and landscape pieces and decades of practise has seen her master the complexities & detail necessary to convincingly depict plant life.


Artwork featured in exhibition In My Night Garden




6 September to 5 October
Ingham State High School Seniors Exhibition
Beyond the Surface

Featured works created over the 2013 school year by Ingham State High School senior students responding to the themes Australian Identity and Throw-Away Society, demonstrating the immense level of talent within the youth of our region.
'This exhibition shows the power of art to represent social change and define social meanings. We have navigated shifting identities and gone Beyond the Surface to develop ourselves and our art.' 


Anna Currington:


2 August to 31 August
35th Hinchinbrook Art Awards

2013 presented  an eclectic mix of submissions to the Hinchinbrook Art Awards; over 100 artworks graced the walls of our John Coburn gallery along with a wonderful assortment of sculptural and ceramic works. With entrants from all over Queensland the diversity was astonishing; featuring sections for painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics and more the competition's ensuing exhibition had something everybody could appreciate.

2 August to 31 August
Ingham Community Kindy

Niche gallery exhibition accompanying the 35th Hinchinbrook Art Awards displaying artworks created by students of the Ingham Community Kindy which provided a teaser to their exhibition In My Night Garden displayed during October.


David Rowe:
Living Water
Winner Section 1: Painting (2D)
35th Hinchinbrook Art Awards


21 June to 27 July
Murris in Ink

Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander art is one of Australia's most prized cultural resources; exceptionally distinctive, it provides a method to express the artist's interpretations of their historical stories and mythology as well as themselves.

Through a series of three five-day artistic development master classes co-ordinated by Umbrella Studio the collective Murris in Ink were introduced to the complexities of printmaking. All but one of the participating artists had some formal education in the visual arts and these workshops were intended to diversify their artistic practice. The classes were process orientated rather than outcome orientated; this allowed the artists the flexibility and freedom to experiment, and each was encouraged to work outside of their comfort zone.

Murris in Ink displays the resulting works from these master classes, demonstrating the immense level of talent that these artists have brought out from within.


Ian Kaddy:
Neis Meger Ira Wersor (One Nation)


9 May to 15 June
Christopher Trotter
Animated Steel

Christopher Trotter transforms the trash and detritus of modern society and recycles them into organic art forms, each filled with their own sense of personality and peculiarity. Trotter has been sculpting public artworks since 1994 and over a decade of practise has seen him perfect his craft. Animated Steel presents a select group of small sculptures, drawn plans for the works and a set of photographs demonstrating Trotter's larger scale public pieces.

9 May to 15 June
Jordan Gyss

From humble beginnings gracing the walls of his parents' house with crayon local emerging artist Jordan Gyss has been drawing ever since he was capable of holding a pencil. Over his years of practice he has honed his drawing style, taking influence from renowned and influential Mangaka and video game design artists such as Masamune Shirow and Tetsuya Nomura. Jordan has a considerable interest in pursuing a career in video game design and many of his artworks are reflective of this desire. Having created over 600 works already he is incredibly prolific; he prefers to draw in a quiet place so the characters can spring forth from his vivid imagination onto the page, fleshing out a vast and intricate personal world.


Christopher Trotter:
Fighting Chook Head


5 April to 27 April
Hinchinbrook on Canvas

Collaborative local exhibition showcasing what defines the Hinchinbrook region; our agriculture, flora and fauna, recreation and attractions, what makes the area such a unique and beautiful environment to reside and visit. Featuring works by local photographer Milena Minchio as well as the oils, pastel and charcoal pieces by Anne Walsh Hinchinbrook on Canvas displayed the vivid and entrancing surroundings our shire is home to.


Milena Minchio:
Night Fishing off Service Jetty, Lucinda


28 February to 28 March
B. Saxton-Horsley
Heritage Matters – Chronicles of Queensland

Local artist Barbara Saxton-Horsley has for decades evoked the life and past of historical buildings and scenes from throughout Queensland, honing her incredibly detailed and intricate art style. During her exceptionally prolific career she has won major awards in the Hinchinbrook Acquisitive Art competition six times and has been involved in many solo and collaborative exhibitions throughout Australia and Japan.

This display of approximately 70 artworks will feature her trademark architectural and flora works as well as landscape and fauna pieces. Heritage Matters - Chronicles of Queensland is abundant with freshly created, never before exhibited artworks as well as old favourites which have been revisited and reinterpreted. Mediums utilised include acrylic, pen & wash, pen & ink as well as oils.


B. Saxton-Horsley:
Hidden Vale Grandchester


12 December to 20 February
Ingham Art Society
Paris Salon Style Sale

Vivid artworks created by members of the Ingham Art Society to celebrate the society's 50th birthday. The exhibition emulated a Paris style salon featuring the gallery space filled to absolute capacity with works on show ranging from those fresh off the easel to pieces created as early as the 1960s in a multitude of styles and mediums. 


The niche gallery space during Paris Salon Style Sale 


1 November to 8 December

Works from the 2011 Queensland Regional Art Awards, a competition intended to promote the works of regional artists throughout Queensland. Artists were requested to respond to the theme Connection and how it relates to the lives, people & places of remote Queensland communities. 


Gail Engel:
Banyan Tree, Cleveland


19 October to 27 October
Gilroy Santa-Maria College Seniors Exhibition

Compiles works created by Gilroy Santa-Maria College seniors, allowing their art students the opportunity to display pieces in a world-class gallery. Exhibition theme is 'U.P' (Under Pressure) 


3 October to 13 October
Howard Hands
Unusual Ships

Relive the amazing successes and tremendous failures of historical ships through sculptural works by local artist Howard Hands. Ships displayed range from those created by the Ancient Egyptians to World War II and accompanying each sculpture is a sketch and brief description of the ship in its original setting.

3 October to 13 October
Pictures Of Me
"Being, Belonging, Becoming."

A joyous multi-media exploration of developing self-image. Painting, prints and sculpture created by the artists of the Ingham Community Kindy and the Lower Herbert Community Kindy.


Howard Hands:
‘Sohar' Replica Medieval Arab Sewn Dhow
Scale 1:48


11 September to 29 September
Ingham State High School Seniors

Perspectives - an art exhibition from students at Ingham State High School. 2012 has been a search for our personal aesthetic. This exhibition showcases two bodies of work:

Growth & Abstraction
The first unit contains art works that comment on the student's individual perception of GROWTH. Many of the students have chosen to focus on YOUTH within this concept. They have examined life's journeys, relationships, choices and emotions and developed a variety of visual responses that explore adolescence and what it means to them. For others, the link may be tenuous as the student wanders and explores the topic of Growth as they interpret it.

Abstraction is a walk on the wild side. Students have been encouraged to depart from reality and look at their subject from a totally new perspective. Through careful analysis of "Cubism" and other historical art movements, our young artists experiment and manipulate media to give their perspective on traditional works. Their works for this unit communicate much about the identity, character and interests of our emerging artists.
This exhibition is witness to the individuality and spirit of each student. Through visual art we promote their introspection and personal growth and encourage them to develop integrity and a sense of style that is truly their own.


Montana Lower:
We Are One


2 August to 1 September
34th Hinchinbrook Art Awards

Now in its 34th year Ingham's annual art competition gives artists a chance to display their finest pieces for contention of winning in a prize pool exceeding $2,000. There are numerous sections for different art forms including painting, photography, sculpture and more with each section offering a cash prize.

Works here are of the highest standard and show the artistic ability of our township and state. Over 120 works were entered into the 2012 competition and naturally the judge Jill O'Sullivan had quite the task ahead of her selecting just a handful of winners. Local artist Louise Plint took out the $1000 open award with her installation River of Stone Offerings.

TYTO Regional Art Gallery would like to take the opportunity to thank all sponsors and participants for supporting the 2012 competition and to thank all who attended the opening event, with well over 100 visitors the night was exceptional. 

2 August to 1 September
Ingham Art Society

During the 34th Hinchinbrook Art Awards the niche gallery space was occupied by the Ingham Art Society's exhibition of miniature works, demonstrating just how minute a work of art may be.


Stasia Abraham:
Blue Dusk, Pyongyang
Winner Section 1 (Painting 2D) 
34th Hinchinbrook Art Awards


25 July to 29 July
Bags n' Things

Ingham Art Society's annual Hinchinbrook on Display exhibition brings together a group of local artists who have answered the question of "What's your Bag", with a variety of bags created in many mediums.

25 July to 29 July
Australian Italian Festival Historical Display

Presents photos of the early days of cane-cutting and the family history of Ingham's pioneers (from all cultures) who came and settled in the Hinchinbrook Shire. The display also includes the history of the Italian migrants who came to Australia to work in the canefields looking for a better way of life. Most of the migrants came to Australia on their own – and then worked hard to save the money to send for their families who remained in their home country. 


A selection of the bags exhibited


1 June to 21 July
Lloyd Rees
Life and Light

Lloyd Rees: Life and Light presents a touring exhibition of works from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection by one of Australia's most accomplished draftsmen and landscape painters. This selection of sketches, paintings and prints surveys the range of Rees' artistic achievements throughout his long career. It incorporates portraits, landscapes and street scenes painted in Australia and abroad as well as several of his later landscape paintings. Importantly the exhibition traces the evolution of Lloyd Rees' talent for depicting light and its effects and the varied subjects that inspired his work including architecture, interiors and figures.
‘Lloyd Rees: Life and Light' is a touring exhibition developed by the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art and is proudly sponsored by Xstrata Coal.

1 June to 21 July
Louise Plint
Confessions of a Bibliophile

Begged, stolen, gifted, handmade, collected, found, purchased. This exhibition displays some of the 'loot' amassed by a bibliophile. None were subjected to a preference of colour, size, origin, volume or creed. Physical attraction was a must in all cases. It has become a lifelong addiction and this bibliophile will not be absolved of her sins.


Lloyd Rees:
Australia 1895–1988
The coast near Kiama 1952–55
Oil on canvas
Purchased 1955
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery
© Queensland Art Gallery


3 May to 26 May
John Coburn
Beginnings and Beyond

Local artist John Coburn has been celebrated worldwide for his colourful abstract pieces. Since his passing demand for his works has skyrocketed and Ingham's son has truly become one of Australia's most well renowned artists. Comprised of artworks assembled from various local collectors, Coburn's family and the Hinchinbrook Shire Council's art collection the TYTO Regional Art Gallery had the opportunity to host an exhibition dedicated to the main gallery's namesake. Featuring works by a local artist of international standard, this was definitely an exhibition not to miss. TYTO Regional Art Gallery would like to thank all members of the community who contributed works toward the exhibition. 


John Coburn:
Obiri Sunset


17 April to 28 April
A Sense of Place
QLD Festival of Photography

As photographers and artists, the understanding of the importance of place is evident in each photographers' unique interpretation. This exhibition is a documentation of ten photographers journey and experience of place. Features work by Rankin, Brown, Posse, O'Malley, White, Lynn, Vardanega, Gauld, Land-Isley and Ann Vardanega.


22 March to 5 April

A category 5 cyclone is one of the harshest natural disasters a community can be forced to endure. Along with flooding, last year Ingham was subject to Tropical Cyclone Yasi, a devastating natural phenomenon which featured winds of up to 290km/h and wreaked havoc wherever it passed. However, not a community to be held down, Hinchinbrook has banded together and begun to overcome and adapt to life post-Yasi, rebuilding homes and attempting to return to some form of normality. This was a photographic exhibition highlighting the strength and ‘resiliency' of Ingham's populace, illustrating how together we have worked to overcome such a considerable obstacle. 


Rochelle Patane:
A Sense of Purpose


2 February to 5 April
Shibori Unbound

Inspired by Australia's semi-arid landscapes, Margaret Barnett hopes to translate the space, shapes and silence prevalent throughout the Australian outback using fabrics. Implementing Japanese Shibori techniques (patterning textiles by shaping the cloth and securing it before dyeing) she crafts pieces which are both thoughtful and intricate. Offering work of the highest calibre (Barnett has studied with Shibori artists in Japan, India and Chile and is acknowledged by the World Shibori Network to exemplify the limitless explorations of the medium) this was an exhibition showcasing world-class fabric art. 




2 February to 17 March
Quilt Show

Quilts are an underused medium in regard to artistic expression. What many would perceive as merely a practical tool to keep warm during winter others view as a beckoning canvas, nearly limitless in means to represent thoughts and patterns. This collection hopes to present that possibility and show how even the mundane can become moving through art. All works were entered in the 2011 Queensland Quilter's Inc Challenge.

Yuonne Watson:
A Wake Up Call

10 January to 28 January
Old Acquisitive Art

The Hinchinbrook Acquisitive Art Competition has been an annual tradition within the Hinchinbrook Shire for nearly 34 years. Originally formed in response to the State Government requesting all local authorities within Queensland donate a work of art to the new Parliament House in Brisbane, the Hinchinbrook Shire created the competition to gather work of the highest standard. The competition received such an overwhelmingly positive response that the Shire elected to continue the competition annually and hence the Acquisitive Art Competition was born. Whilst the competition is no longer acquisitive visitors may delve into the past and witness works created from an era long past – remember; only the greatest of pieces were retained by the council.


Silvia Ditchburn:
Northern Tropical Landscape


25 November to 23 December
Peter Lawson
A Tribute to Ingham and Surrounds

Peter Lawson is an artist currently residing in Magnetic Island who had spent the previous few months capturing iconic scenes throughout Ingham and bringing them to life. Utilising oils, his works transport you to places you may have already been but not truly seen, breathing new life into some of the region's landmarks. Also incorporated into the exhibition were works of other items such as flowers brought out in vivid, beautiful colour. 


Peter Lawson:
Cattle Creek Sunrise


20 October to 19 November
Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art and Design 2011-12 Touring Exhibition

An initiative of the state government to support the burgeoning talent within the state's youth, Creative Generation gathers the finest works from the senior students throughout Queensland (in both metropolitan and rural areas) to provide a window into the future of our art community and an insight into the ideas and themes prevalent in today's teenage culture. Featuring works from a variety of mediums including film, sculpture, new media & painting Creative Generation is an exciting glimpse into the new generation of artists. 


Rebecca Nguyen:
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes


6 October to 14 October
"Noeme"; The essence of photography

Images compiled by award winning local artist Ann Vardanega.




9 September to 1 October
Ingham State High School Senior Art

A collection of works from the senior art students at Ingham State High School, allowing onlookers the opportunity to glance toward the future of the Ingham art community. All works were original and had been created within the last 12 months. Hosting their art in the TYTO Regional Art Gallery allowed students to understand the functions and requirements of a gallery and gave them the ability to display their work to interested members of the public. Included in the exhibition were select works from the students of Abergowrie College displayed in the niche gallery. 

Brittany Barratt:
Portrait Party

12 August to 1 September
33rd Hinchinbrook Art Awards

Held every year since its inception in 1977 the Hinchinbrook Art Awards is an opportunity for artists to gain recognition for their work. Taking in pieces from artists both local and those based outside the region with a top prize of $1000 for the winning entrant as well as divisions for various forms of art (each with its own cash prize), the Hinchinbrook Art Awards is a glorious celebration of the talent within and surrounding the district.
Winners were selected through various criteria and all pieces were displayed in the TYTO Regional Art Gallery for the public to view.


Rosemarie Garutti:
Classic Apples
Winner Section 1 Painting (2D)
33rd Hinchinbrook Art Awards


1 August to 8 August
Ingham Arts Festival
Seniors Section

A local tradition celebrated annually, the Ingham Arts Festival Art Show is a tribute to the artistic talent intrinsic to the region's youth. Used to encourage self development through the arts and display the works of local children it is an excellent opportunity to witness the ability and future of the Ingham art culture. Presented in the TYTO Regional Art Gallery are the pieces created by the students from Ingham State High School and Gilroy Santa Maria College. 


Victoria Moschella:
Window of Opportunity


1 August to 1 September
Our District, Our Past

A collection of photographs taken during the workshop ‘Creating A Snapshot of Cultural Identity' illustrating the illustrious history present in Ingham's district and community. Select community members were invited to the workshop to gain skills in documented photography and describe the cultural identity of the region through the eyes of the public. 


1 July to 23 July
Twelve Degrees of Latitude

Celebrating Queensland's 150th year, Twelve Degrees of Latitude is the first major exhibition of works comprised of the collections of Queensland's regional galleries and university collections.

Twelve Degrees of Latitude encompasses the collected works of twenty-seven galleries and universities, focusing on the beginning of Queensland's regional galleries, their historical role within their communities, the benefits of donor support toward their growth, development and the strength of the state-wide regional gallery culture.

This exhibition featured a wide variety of works representing:

  • Pre-20th century art
  • Landscape and figures in landscape
  • Other 20th century art
  • Indigenous art
  • Art post-1990 

John Coburn:


3 June to 25 June
Industrial Desire
Detroit Cars

Featuring nine quarter-scale models of fantastic concept vehicles including futuristic SUVs, muscle cars and cutting edge eco friendly city cars, Industrial Desire will take you deep into the exciting and hidden world of car design. Stunning supporting visuals include original sketches and renderings, as well as a rich multimedia video experience revealing the process of their creation; the rapid sketching, rendering, digital 3-D modelling, machining and finishing of ultra-high quality scale models rarely seen by the public. 


Dillon Blanski &
Matt McNerney:


3 June to 25 June
David Rowe
Respond to This

This exhibition was comprised of a number of graphite drawings on paper of male nudes by award winning local artist David Rowe. A selected number of artists were each asked to respond to one of David's drawings using their chosen mediums. These response works were exhibited with their related drawings, along with an individual artists statement, outlining their thought processes. 


David Rowe:
Help Has Arrived


3 June to 25 June
Louise Plint
Tools of the Trade

An eclectic collection of European, Aboriginal and Chinese artists' tools and artifacts; some of the pieces that were on display are 1000's of years old. For the first time the public could view these pieces that were kindly loaned to the Gallery from local collections. 


A selection of the tools on display


3 May to 28 May
Louise Plint
Elements of Eyre

The first exhibition showcased in the purpose built TYTO Regional Art Gallery, the honour of the historic first exhibition went to local artist Louise Plint with Elements of Eyre. Louise used nature as a source of inspiration and point of departure. Louise is interested in the imprint of nature on the landscape and this is reflected in her artwork, using a variety of mediums.  Louise said regarding the exhibition "Rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, I aim to express its essence" and Louise successfully achieved this.


Artwork by Louise Plint featured in Elements of Eyre