I'M ALERT Online Food Safety Training I'M ALERT Online Food Safety Training

Hinchinbrook Shire Council is pleased to provide FREE and unlimited access to online training that will assist food handlers gain valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene which will help to ensure service of safe and suitable food.

The program is presented in an interactive, easy to follow, and entertaining format and includes the ability for the user to print an acknowledgement form and a certificate upon completion of the program that can be kept as a part of your staff records.

It is recommended that all food handlers within a food business take part in this training. 

I'M ALERT Food Safety Interactive Online Training is availble at

Food For Thought Newsletter Food For Thought Newsletter

The Hinchinbrook Shire Council's Health Department distributes a quarterly newsletter to all licensed food businesses within the Shire.

The newsletter lists various information on food handling and safety as well as all the latest food recalls in Queensland.

Food Business Licence Food Business Licence

Do I Need a Food Business Licence?

The Food Act 2006 has identified the following food businesses as requiring a licence. Any food business that:
·         involves the manufacture of food; or
·         involves the retail sale of unpackaged food (cafe/restaurant/takeaway food bar) and is not a non-profit organisation; or
·         is carried out by a non - profit organisation and involves the sale of meals on at least 12 days each financial year.
Food premises include temporary structures and mobile food vehicles, where food is handled. A licence is not required for the sale of pre-packaged food which has been pre-packaged by a licensed food packing company.
Can it be transferred?
What if my Licence is Lost or Stolen?
You can replace your licence. You just need to advise Council in writing of the circumstances and pay the relevant fee.
How long does this authority remain in effect?
A food licence is an annual licence that expires each year. All food licences will expire on 31 August each year. This is because Council sends renewals on 01 July annually. The Food Act 2006 gives you 60 days to have it renewed.
What are the pre-requisites to obtaining this Licence?
·         Clients must ensure that the location is zoned appropriately.
·         Where the business wishes to serve alcohol, a separate application must be made to the Liquor Licensing Division, Department of Tourism, Sport and Racing.
·         A Food Safety Supervisor must be nominated.  This person must have completed training as per Fact Sheets 18 and 19. No licence can be held without a business having a Food Safety Supervisor.
Information on food safety supervisor’s can be found in the document library below. Alternatively you can contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .
How do I construct a new food shop?
There are guidelines available to help you fit out your new food shop. Please download them from the document library below . Alternatively you can contact environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .
Do I need to Register my Premises, Place or Vehicle?
No. With the introduction of the Food Act 2006 there is no longer a requirement to hold a certificate of registration for any premises, place or vehicle at which food is sold, prepared, packed, stored, handled, served or supplied. This is because the licence has your premises, place or vehicle on it. You can’t operate from a premises, place or vehicle unless it is on your food licence.
Do I Need a Food Safety Program?
Only certain businesses need a Food Safety Program. Information on Food Safety Programs is able to be downloaded from the document library below. Alternatively you can contact environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .
How do I Cancel a Food Licence?
If you need to cease operating before your license expires you must return it to Council along with the application to cancel your licence. This form can be downloaded from the document library below
Under the Food Act 2006 Certain Businesses no longer require a licence.  These businesses include the following:
·         The production of primary produce under an accreditation granted under the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000
·         The handle & sale of fisheries resources under a buyers licence issued under the Fisheries Regulation 1995
·         Sale of only unpackaged snack food i.e. biscuits, cakes, confectionary, chips, nuts, glazed fruit
·         Sale of only whole fruit and vegetables
·         Sale of only seeds, pulses, dried herbs, tea leaves, coffee beans or ground coffee
·         Grinding of coffee beans only
·         Sale of drinks only (not including freshly processed fruit and vegetables)
·         Sale of ice, including flavoured ice only
·         You are a non-profit organisation and you provide meals that have been prepared by another organisation and the food is only stored, heated or otherwise prepared by you in accordance with the meal manufacturers directions
·         You are a non-profit organisation and sell food as part of an educational training activity conducted by your organisation involving food preparation, hospitality or catering
·         You are a non-profit organisation and the meals you sell consist of only fruit, cereal, toast or similar food or the consumer of the meal helps to prepare it
If you think you no longer require a licence, please complete the form and return it to Council for processing. There is no fee to cancel a food licence.
Need More Information?
To log a request or for further information about this topic please contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .

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