Dog Regulations Dog Regulations

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has adopted a Local Law and Policy for the purpose of keeping and controlling dogs within the Shire. To avoid Council taking enforcement action residents are asked to follow these rules that are set out in the Local Laws and Policy.

  • Register your dog prior to it becoming three (3) months of age if you live in a township. This is free of charge! Leave it until your dog is over 3 months of age and registration fees apply.
  •  Do not keep more than two (2) dogs on land within a township.
  • Ensure that your dog carries its current registration tag at all times.
  • When your dog is in a public place it should be on a leash and kept under effective control at all times.
  • Maintain a proper enclosure to keep your dog from wandering or escaping from your land.
  • Prevent your dog from attacking/threatening/worrying any person or animal.
  • Do not allow your dog to wander or be at large.
  • Prevent your dog from barking at an excessive level that would be a nuisance to your neighbours.
  • Pick up after your dog when it defecates in a public place.
This Council – any Council – can sometimes be accused of being insensitive to dogs and their owners. But no one, especially Council Animal Control Officers, wants to distress people by seizing pets under the threat of impoundment or destruction. Responsible dog ownership may result in our Council Officers never needing to call on you. Be a good dog owner and you’ll have a good dog!