Disposal of Contaminated Waste and Asbestos Disposal of Contaminated Waste and Asbestos

Regulated wastes (as defined in Schedule 7 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 1998), or wastes contaminated with regulated waste, can only be disposed of at Warrens Hill Waste Management Facility.  The Department of Environmental and Resource Management [DERM] regulates the transport of Regulated Waste, and you are advised to inform Council 24 hours prior to the transport and disposal of the regulated waste.  This notification allows Council to advise you of EPA requirements and organise an appropriate disposal location at the landfill.

You may be interested in referring to the 'Codes of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos', found on the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Web Page under formation/publications/National Codes of Practice by visiting their website at

Queensland Health have also released the following documents on asbestos which may be of interest:

Documents and Media Display Documents and Media Display

Disposal of Contaminated Waste and Asbestos