Disability Use of Footpaths - Upgrade of Pedestrian Accesses Disability Use of Footpaths - Upgrade of Pedestrian Accesses

“This project is a joint initiative of Hinchinbrook Shire Council and the Queensland Government”

Council, together with the support of the Queensland Government, has recently completed an upgrade to 12 pedestrian accesses around Ingham’s CBD to increase the level of safety and accessibility onto the existing footpath network. Council’s Roadworks Department commenced the project in mid September 2014 and completed it in late October 2014.

The project was estimated to cost $46,522, with 60% of the total funded by Council and 40% funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience. The Queensland Government funding is from the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program Infrastructure Subsidy (LGGSP-IS). The LGGSP-IS aims to provide funding assistance to eligible applicants to enable them to deliver priority infrastructure that meets the need of their communities.

The project identified a number of crossings around Ingham that were deemed non‐compliant under today’s current standards which restricted disabled access. The 12 identified non‐compliant pedestrian accesses have now been upgraded to meet Australian Standards and consisted of; four on Cartwright Street, three on Herbert Street, two on Gardiner Street, two on Lannercost Street and one on Abbott Street. Seniors and people with disabilities will greatly benefit from the upgrades with the aid of tactile markers and improved wheelchair access.

Hinchinbrook Shire Councillor David Carr said, “These 12 pedestrian accesses that have been upgraded were identified by members of the community and Council as non‐compliant, which restricted disabled access.” “The upgrades will allow people with disabilities, their families and carers to fully access areas of town. Senior citizens and parents with infants in prams will also benefit from these upgrades.”