Dangerous Dogs Dangerous Dogs

Council has the authority to declare certain individual dogs "Dangerous Dogs". This will normally occur if the dog has attacked, bitten or repeatedly threatened or worried people or other animals. If a dog is declared dangerous, the owner of that dog has extra responsibilities placed on them by Council.

These are –

  • At all times, keep the dog under effective control so that it does not escape from the premises.

  • At all times, display a sign of a size and in a position to be plainly visible and legible from the road alignment or normal entrance to the premises, with the words "Beware of the Dangerous Dog" thereon.

  • At all times, when the dog is led into a public place, a muzzle must be securely fixed to it’s mouth in such a manner to prevent it biting any person or animal or other thing, and be under effective control of some competent person over the age of 16 years by means of a chain, cord or leash.

  • Construct and/or maintain an effective enclosure for the said dog to keep the dog confined to your property.

Failure to comply with this notice could result in a Destruction Order being made for the subject dog. A summons may also be issued requiring the owner/keeper to attend a Magistrates Court at Ingham to answer a breach of the Local.

Lastly, under Common Law you may also be held responsible for any injury to any person or animal or damage to any property that your dog may have caused. It is important to note that a victim of a dog attack has the right to start civil proceedings against the owner or keeper of the dog. This can lead to the payment of several thousand dollars for compensation for a serious attack.