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The Hinchinbrook Shire Council administers and maintains three cemeteries within the shire.  These being the New Ingham, Old Ingham and Halifax Cemetery. Generally, all new interments are conducted at the New Ingham and Halifax cemeteries.  Above ground – vault interments – are permitted at the Old Ingham Cemetery provided a recent family connection can be shown.

There are other privately maintained cemeteries throughout the shire. The largest of these being the cemetery originally fully maintained and administered by CSR at the Victoria Sugar Mill site. Records of the burials that have been conducted in this cemetery have been provided to council and are included in the below register.

A visit to the New Ingham Cemetery is a must for visitors to the shire to see the mausoleums and vaults which are part of the local cultural heritage.

The Hinchinbrook Shire Council has an extensive database of all burials in the New Ingham, Old Ingham and Halifax cemeteries. These records show information about the deceased including surname; christian name; date of death; age at time of death; gender; place of birth; cause of death; and details of the cemetery and the grave location.

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Register of Burials

Last update on the 14/04/2015

Please note that the Date of Death is presented in the Australian Format i.e. dd/mm/yyyy.
Note : All records are as accurate as past and current recording procedures permit. Hinchinbrook Shire Council takes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

For your convenience the register of burials is listed in alphabetical order. Type the relevant text into the find tool (click Ctrl f to use this tool) function on the pdf document to search for specific information.

If you require further assistance you may contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607.

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