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What Businesses Does Council Licence?

The State Government devolves a number of business licensing activities to Local Government including: 
·                 Environmentally Relevant Activity Registration (Environmental Protection Act 1994 and Regulation 2008)
·                 Food Licence (Food Act 2006);
·                 Personal Appearance Services (Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003)
Activities governed by the above legislation must have a licence/registration in order to operate legally. Environmental Health Services processes applications, amendments or transfers (if applicable) for these types of licences. 
Additionally Council has policies and local laws that may require activities to be licensed, permitted or registered. Environmental Health Services is also responsible for managing the following activities:
·                 Footpath Dining Licence (Council’s Policy under the Food Act 2006).
·                 Temporary Home Permits (Council’s Local Law No. 10 (Temporary Homes) 2002)
For more information on each topic please go to the relevant web page on Council’s website , our food licensing information is on our food safety web page .
What Businesses are not Licensed by Council?
Liquor Licences are not issued by Council.  Please contact the liquor licensing division of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and racing on 13 QGOV (13 74 68),  or try their website
Dangerous Goods storage is now licensed by the Hazardous Industries and Chemicals Branch (HCIB) of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Enquiries can be made at
Businesses can require a variety of licences, not all of which are issued by Council.  If you have questions about other types of licences not listed on Council's website please contact Smart Service Queensland on or phone 13 QGOV.
What do I do if I am Buying or Selling a Business?
Upon a sale of a business it is advisable that the purchaser request a health search report.  This provides a current status report of the premises for the purposes of the sale.  Council's Environmental Health Officer will carry out a physical inspection to ensure any outstanding items on the last report have been rectified.  Any outstanding items will be reported on so the purchaser is fully informed of the state of the premises regarding legally required licences.  Licences that Environmental Health Services may issue and report on include:
·                 Environmentally Relevant Activity Registration [Environmental Protection Act 1994 ]
·                 Food Licence [Food Act 2006 ]
·                 Sidewalk Seating/Outdoor Dining Licence [Council's Policy under the Food Act 2006 ]
·                 Personal Appearance Services [Public Health [Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services] Act 2003 ]
At settlement the purchaser needs to have made application for the relevant licence so that they are not operating unlicensed.  Environmental Health Services cannot issue a licence prior to settlement.  This is an additional fee to that of the health search.  The relevant Environmental Health forms can be found in the business licences section of the web page: .
Please allow five working days for receipt of a health record search report.
Need More Information?

To log a request or for further information about this please contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email . 

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