Before You Get a Dog.... Before You Get a Dog....

Dog ownership is a responsibility that is often taken too lightly. Dogs that were irresistible when they were puppies are often less attractive when they grow up.  Before acquiring a dog intending owners should ask themselves a few searching questions –

  • Will the dog be left home alone, especially in its puppy stage?
  • Do I have time for daily obedience training? There is no more frustrating problem than an adult dog that has not been trained to come, to sit or to stay.
  • Am I prepared for the veterinary and registration costs of the dog?
  • Do I understand the proper dietary, exercise and grooming needs?
  • Is the chosen dog suited to the environment where it is to be kept?
  • Do I understand heartworm, its prevention and its consequences?
  • Do I have any idea of kennelling costs for dogs when I go on holidays? Indeed, many dog owners never take holidays – because of their dogs. Many others abandon their dogs, because they lose interest in the animal, especially when it stands in the way of their annual vacation.
  • Am I aware of my legal obligations to keep my dog in compliance with Council Animal Control Local Laws and Policy?

If you can answer these kinds of questions, you are one of three types.  You are either a dog owner who has accepted your responsibilities, or you are a person who has chosen NOT to be a dog owner.  And what is the third type? The third type is the one that concerns the Hinchinbrook Shire Council. This is the person who has asked themselves the questions, ignored the answers – and has a problem dog.