Asbestos Asbestos

 What is Asbestos?

Queensland Health has a very useful booklet that defines asbestos and why it is a problem. Please go to the Queensland Health website to read and/or download this booklet .
What is Council’s Role?
The Public Health Act 2005 governs asbestos risks.  Council deals with domestic asbestos issues less than ten (10) square meters.  Other asbestos removal such as large quantities or professional building sites are to be referred to Queensland Health (07) 4753 9000 or Workplace Health and Safety 1300 369 915 respectively.
General Asbestos Information
For more information on asbestos generally please click on the link below:
Information for Home renovators
For more information on asbestos for home renovators please click on the link below:
How to I Report an Asbestos Concern?
To log a request or for further information about this topic please contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .