Application Forms Application Forms

Reconfiguring a Lot application forms 

Subdivision of land, subdivision of land by lease, strata title, rearrangement of boundaries

Material Change of Use: Code Assessable application forms

Code assessable Material Change of Use of premises

Material Change of Use: Impact Assessable application forms

Impact assessbale Material Change of Use of premises

Operational Works

Earthworks (filling of land, excavating, profiling), roadworks, stormwater, water infrastructure, draniage works, sewerage infrastructure, landscaping, signage, clearing vegetation under the planning scheme.

IDAS Forms & Checklists

Upto date IDAS forms & Checklists from the Department of Local Government & Planning


Online service that supports preparation, lodgement and processing of development applicaitons.

Town Planning & Development Certificate Request Form

Request form for premises planning & development information

Change to Existing Development Approval Form

Request form for change to exisitng approval or extension of development approval currency period

Minor Change Request Form

Request form for minor change to development application.

Survey Plan Lodgement Form

Survey plans lodged with Council must be accompanied by a survey plan lodgement form that details compliance with all relative conditions of approval

Notification Commencement Form

All development application forms subject to notification must complete and lodge a notification commencement form

Notification Compliance form

All development application subject to notification must complete and lodge a notification compliance form