Overgrown & Unsightly Allotments Overgrown & Unsightly Allotments

Some nuisances such as overgrown allotments can be actioned under Council’s Local Law 13 (Overgrown and Unsightly Allotments) 2006.  This local law helps council deal specifically with long grass and other issues which may not only cause a nuisance but also a possible Public Health issue.

What do I need to do?
Land holders are responsible for keeping their blocks or allotments in a neat and tidy condition that is consistent with the rights and expectations of the local community. This will prevent nuisances from vegetation overgrowth and/or visual pollution resulting from unsightly accumulations of objects and materials.
Examples of objects that may seriously detract from the visual amenity of the land –
·         Discarded or disused machinery or machinery parts
·         Broken-down or severely rusted vehicles
·         Discarded bottles, containers or packaging
·         Refuse or scrap metal
When Council receives a request an allotment is overgrown Council will inspect the allotment and if appropriate will follow up with a notice to the owner of the property to take specified action.  This notice usually allows 14 days for the owner to rectify the situation.
All landowners are advised that as from 1 July 2009 Council will issue an Infringement Notice to the owner/occupier of an allotment who fails to comply with a notice e.g. requiring mowing or clearing of an allotment issued pursuant to Sections 4 and 5 of Local Law No. 13 (Overgrown and Unsightly Allotments) 2006.
As from the 1 July, 2009 the State Government increased the Penalty Infringements and consequently any owner who fails to comply with the requirements of a notice issued on or after this date will be liable to be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice which now has a prescribed penalty of $200.00.
A flyer will be provided by Council and attached to the initial notice as a service to allotment owners and the mowing/slashing contractors.  Council will not become a party in any way during any negotiations with or any engagement to perform any work.
How do I Report an Overgrown Allotment?
For further information or to log a request please contact Environmental Health Services on 4776 4607 or email .

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